50 miles, 100 km, 100 miles, 12 hours, 24 hours


Ultra Nordic Wolrd Records 2022 is not just an opportunity to take on the athletic challenge of the season.

Ultra Nordic Wolrd Records 2022 is not just an opportunity to take on the athletic challenge of the season.

… It is also a good opportunity to make an original gift to your other half! We just want to remind you that we have extended the deadline for lower entry fees for all distances until February 14. And there are still accommodations available at the event place, which can be reserved during registration. For …

Ultra Nordic Wolrd Records 2022 is not just an opportunity to take on the athletic challenge of the season. Read More »

Michał Piotrowski is the third ambassador of the Ultra Nordic Walking World Records 2022.

Michał Piotrowski is the third ambassador of the Ultra Nordic Walking World Records 2022.

Michał is certainly a specialist in long distances and difficult challenges. We recently had the opportunity to follow his exciting struggle during the Ultramarathon Leśna Doba, during which he took first place, setting the Polish record in 24-hour NW walk with the result of 159. 90 km. How will it be at the spring in …

Michał Piotrowski is the third ambassador of the Ultra Nordic Walking World Records 2022. Read More »

Terms and conditions

I. Name of the event.

Ultra Nordic Walking World Records (UNWWR)

II. Date and place of the competition.

23-24. 04. 2022
Start, finish and base of the competiton: Osada Leśna Barbarka, Przysiecka 13 Street, 87-100 Toruń
Competition Office: Osada Leśna Barbarka – Reception of Dworek Hotel
Open from 22. 04. 2022, 18. 00 to 24. 04. 2022, 15. 00
Starting time of the whole event: 23. 04. 2022, 09:00 am – parking in the front of Dworek Hotel of Osada Leśna Barbarka
Finishing of the competition: 24. 04. 2022, 16. 00 – parking in the front of Dworek Hotel of Osada Leśna Barbarka

III. Organiser.

Association of Physical Culture “WYTRWAM”

IV. Co-organizers and partners.

– Szkola Lesna on Barbarka,
– Polish Association of Nordic Walking Judges,
– Nadleśnictwo Toruń,
– Nadleśnictwo Dobrzejewice.

V. Idea of the event.

– popularization of Nordic walking as a form of physical recreation,
– popularization of long-distance walks,
– promoting a healthy lifestyle,
– making by each of the participants their own individual record in nordic walking at the chosen distance of 50 miles, 100 km, 100 miles or in 12 or 24 hours

VI Competition programme.

22/04/2022 Friday:
18:00 – opening of the Competition Office (Reception of the Hotel Dworek Osada Leśna Barbarka in Toruń), registration of participants, issuing of starting packages. The starting packages will be issued only at the Competition Office. Mandatory equipment will be checked in the Competition Office (including the length of the poles).
20:00 – recomended briefing of 50 miles, 100 km, 100 miles or in 12 or 24 hours participants;
The race office will be issuing start packs for the 50 miles, 100 km, 100 miles or in 12 or 24 hours 22/04/2022 until 22:00.

23/04/2022 SATURDAY:
07:00 – opening of the event zone and buffet for the competitors and registered support
07:00 – opening of the Competition Office (Reception of the Hotel Dworek Osada Leśna Barbarka in Toruń), registration of participants, issuing of starting packages for the remaining distances i. e. 50 miles, 100 km, 100 miles or in 12 or 24 hours. The starting packages will be issued only at the Competition Office. Mandatory equipment will be checked in the competition Office (including the length of the poles).
08:00 – Start of UNWWR 100 miles participants
08:30 – Start of UNWWR 100 km participants
09:00 – Start of UNWWR 12h participants
10:00 – Start of UNWWR 24h participants
10:30 – Start of UNWWR 50 miles participants
20:59 – closing the finish line of UNWWR 12h (12h limit)
21:00-21:30 – realization of distance measurements for UNWWR 12h by judges and the organizer
21:30 – announcement of preliminary results for UNWWR 12h.
22:00 – announcement of official results for UNWWR 12h.

24/04/2022 SUNDAY:
08:30 – closing of the finish line of UNWWR 100 km (limit 24 hours)
08:30 – announcement of preliminary results for UNWWR 100 km.
09:00 – announcement of official results for UNWWR 100 km.
09:30 – closing of the finish line of UNWWR 50 miles (limit 23 hours)
09:30 – announcement of preliminary results for UNWWR 50 miles.
10:00 – announcement of official results for UNWWR 50 miles.
09:59 – closing the finish line of UNWWR 24h (24-hour limit)
10:00-10:30 – realization of distance measurements for UNWWR 24h by the judges and the organizer
10:30 – announcement of preliminary results for UNWWR 24h.
11:00 – announcement of official results for UNWWR 24h.
14:00 – closing of the finish line of UNWWR 100 miles (limit 30 hours)
14:00 – announcement of preliminary results for UNWWR 100 miles.
14:30 – announcement of official results for UNWWR 100 miles.
15:00 – official finish of the competition, decoration of winners, prize drawing (Polana Dolna near the stage)
Competitors are asked to line up at the starting line 5 minutes before the start of the chosen competition.

VII. Restrictions related to the epidemic situation.

1.Due to the restrictions imposed by the current epidemic situation within the competition, the Organizer allows up to 150 competitors to start (including 15 reserved for the organizer). The classification will be carried out according to the net time (from the starter’s shot and the first crossing of the measuring line at the start to the last crossind of the measuring line situated at the finishing line).
2. Competitors shall collect starting numbers in the competition office dedicates for the competition. Before entering the competition office it is obligatory to disinfect hands (the organizer will provide liquid for disinfection) and to cover mouth and nose with a mask and keep a social distance.
3. Due to the epidemic condition, each participant is required to sign a COVID-19 declaration at the time of collecting the start number (stating that on the day of the event the participant is healthy – shows no signs of infection, and that he/she has not been in contact with anyone in quarantine or has not been in quarantine himself/herself for 14 days prior to the event).
4.Competitors shall comply with the instructions of the Organizer’s Representatives, the Judges and the emergency medical service – in matters related to protection against “SARS-CoV-2” infection under pain of disqualification.

VIII Participation rules.

1. The right to take part in the competition have every person who will be 18 years old by 23/04/2022
2. Each competitor must be verified at the race office before the start.
3. During the verification the competitor must have a document confirming identity (identity card, passport or driving license) and all mandatory equipment.
4.The length of the poles will be verified. Poles classified as correct will be marked by the organizer with an appropriate sticker with the competitor’s starting number. Using other poles not verified and marked during registration may result in disqualification of the competitor. It is possible to change poles as a result of their damage provided that such fact is reported to the Chief Judge of the competition directly or through line judges placed on the route. It is allowed to verify and assign more than one pair of poles to a competitor (maximum 3).
5. During the verification the competitor must present an actual medical certificate confirming that there are no contraindications to take part in the competition (translated into Polish) or sign the statement of participation at his/her own responsibility.
By signing the statement he/she agrees to provide first aid, perform other medical procedures and transport the injured person to a safe place by medical and paramedical personnel acting on behalf of the organizer. The athlete acknowledges that participation in the competition involves physical exertion and entails a natural risk of accident, bodily injury and physical trauma, as well as damage and loss of property.
6. Each competitor declares that in the future he or she will not claim compensation from the organizer in the event of injury or material loss related to participation in the competition. Before the start, during the obligatory briefing, the competitors will be informed about possible dangers, obstacles and dangerous places on the route.
7. After verification, each competitor will receive a non-returnable personal starting number that must be visible throughout the competition and a returnable measurement chip that should be placed on the leg no higher than 15 cm from the ground.
8. In order to receive a personal number, it is necessary to send an application and pay the participation fee until 01. 03. 2022 at the latest (the date of transfer’s crediting will count).
9. Competitors must comply with the rules of the competition, current regulations, organizer and security services orders.
10. Competitors are obliged to provide help to other participants on the route in case of injury or other life or health threatening situation.
11. A paramedic at the Start/Finish point may, in a justified case, not allow a competitor to continue and his/her decision is final (injury, hypothermia, weakness etc. ).
12. The organizer reserves the right not to allow to start or to disqualify unconditionally during the competition a competitor who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants, or who is in a state indicating the consumption of the above-mentioned substances.
13. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to the health of a competitor under the influence of the above mentioned drugs.
14. Receipt of the start number by the participant in the march is tantamount to acceptance of these regulations.

IX. Mandatory equipment and rules for the selection of pole length.

1. Mandatory equipment consists of:
a) Nordic walking poles, the length of which shall be selected as follows:
– assume a standing position (straightened posture, legs together),
– holding the stick by the handle and resting it vertically to the ground,
– Position yourself so that the angle between your shoulder and forearm is 90° (with an acceptable error of +/- 10°),
b) a reusable cup (the organizer allows the use of a bidon, softflasks, etc. ),
c) headlamp for night and twilight walking,
d) a red light on the back at all times during the march (regardless of time of day or night),
e) a spare set of batteries for the lamp.

X. Registration of competitors.

1. A competitor has the right to register and take part in the competition on one distance or time of his/her choice only.
2. Registration is divided into two categories:
a) Distances – 50 miles (80. 467 km), 100 km and 100 miles (160. 934 km)
b) times – 12 hours and 24 hours.
In case a competitor declares to take part in the competition in the 24 hour long march and during these 24 hours breaks a record at a distance of e. g. 100 miles (160. 934 km) this result will not be qualified to the distance but only to the previously declared 24 hour long march.
Similarly, if a competitor declares participation in e. g. a 100 km march and in this time sets a record for 12 hours, this result will not be qualified to the time, but to the previously declared distance.
3.The possibility of changing the declaration as to the distance or time exists only with the consent of the Organizer and only on condition that this particulary competition doesn’t start in April 2022 on UNWWR.

XI. Registration of the competitor’s support.

1.Each competitor has the right to register one person as his/her support during the registration for the competition
2.Support will be given an unique ID card which will be connected with start number of the participant that he/she will be supporting.
3.Support by the declared person will be possible to realize ONLY in designated by the organizer points of competitors service.
4.The result of support on the route and outside the designated points will be a RED CARD for the competitor.
5. Only the person officially registered as athlete support will have access to the designated athlete support areas.
6. With the consent of the organizer it is possible to change the data of the supporting person, but no later than two hours before the start of a given category on condition that the competition office is open at that time.

XII Rules of marching and judging.

2. Nordic walking (NW) is walking with alternating arm and leg movements while pushing off with poles at an acute angle. It is important to keep at least one foot in constant contact with the ground. The flight phase is prohibited.
Also prohibited is:
– running, jumping,
– not using poles while walking,
– using words commonly regarded as abusive and vulgar,
– aggression, violence, unsportsmanlike behaviour towards competitors, referees and spectators on the racecourse,
– shortening the route or leaving it without informing the judge (the only permissible moment is going down to the competitors’ service point indicated earlier by the organizers, situated near the start and finish of the competition),
– support by third parties on the route outside the place indicated by the organizer (the only allowed point of support is the place of competitors’ service).

If the referees note even one of the above cases, it will result in a red card, and consequently disqualification.

Additionally, during the competition the judges will verify the following aspects of NW march technique:
– alternate arm movement in the sagittal plane (front to back),
– actively seating the poles at an acute angle and pushing off the ground,
– extensive arm work, emphasizing passing the hip with the hand and at this point relaxing the grip of the hand on the handle of the pole (opening the hand) and supporting it on the strap/glove,
– active footwork with full rolling from the heel, through the mid-foot, to the toes,
– proper forward lean of the body resulting from walking and starting from the ankle joint, not a “slump in the hips” or chest (protraction),
– after an active push-off, return the whole arm to the front together with the pole, which is carried in the air – it is not allowed to drag the pole on the ground.
Failure to comply will result in a yellow card.

A yellow card will also result:
– failure of a competitor to stop on the route on the judge’s order,
– no passing the hip line of the whole hand including the thumb,
– no extensive arm work while walking, working from the elbow,
– failure to stick in, failure to push off the stick, marking a rebound,
– unevenly pushing off with sticks,
– driving the poles at right angles,
– driving the sticks past the corner leg,
– sports gait, hip joint technique,
– lowering the body’s center of gravity,
– excessive forward bending of the body,
– obstructing overtaking, blocking the route of other competitors, pushing,
– using headphones while walking
– no opening/loosening of the hands beyond the hip,
– other indications from the judge.

3. Apart from direct refereeing it is permissible to give a penalty on the basis of footage provided to the judge by outsiders or recorded by the competition organizer with a camera situated on the course.

4. Types of penalties and warnings:
A competitor will be INFORMED if the way he/she moves does not meet the conditions specified in the marching and judging rules (point XII of these regulations).
Violation of these rules will be punished with warnings and penalties:
Oral admonition:
-information to the competitor about technical errors made, without the need to stop the competitor.
Yellow card warning:
– does not require a participant to be detained,
– requires a yellow card to be shown to the participant, except for the mobile judge who may give a yellow card without showing it,
– A yellow card warning requires the participant to be informed of the nature of the offence; it is permissible for a referee to stop a competitor to give a yellow card and verbally communicate the reason for the card, as long as this does not interfere with the march and control of other competitors on the course,
– Receipt of the THIRD yellow card will result in a notice from the Chief Referee to award a red card and DISQUALIFICATION.
Red card/disqualification:
After showing a red card, the competitor must leave the competition route. If the referee considers that this does not jeopardize the organization and safety of the competition, he may allow the penalized athlete to continue the competition, but without including his time in the final classification. Where a referee has not had the opportunity to stop a player to give a red card penalty, he may pass the information electronically/telephonically to the next referee to stop the competitor on his behalf and pass the penalty.

5. Each participant has the right to appeal within 30 minutes of the announcement of the preliminary results in a given category.

6. Each protest shall be first reported verbally to the Chief Judge of the competition by the competitor himself or by a person acting on his behalf.

7. The decision made by the Main Judge may be appealed to the Appeals Committee. The appeal must be filed within 30 minutes of the announcement of the preliminary results. They should be submitted in writing, signed by the competitor or a person officially acting on behalf of the competitor, together with a deposit of 200 PLN. Appeals without a deposit paid will not be considered. If the protest is not accepted, the deposit will be forfeited and non-refundable. If the appeal is successful, the deposit is refundable to the player.

8. The Appeals Panel consists of five representatives: 3 of the organizer, the Chief Judge of the competition and the line judge/assistant judge. The composition of the Appeals Committee will be announced before the start of the competition.

9. The decision of the Appeals Board is final. There is no further opportunity to appeal to other organs.

10. During the competition on the route it is forbidden to use any type of electronic devices which could disturb other competitors. For reasons of safety and necessity of contact between the competitors and referees, organizers and other law enforcement agencies, it is forbidden to use headphones, except for the headphones with bone conduction technology, thanks to which the ears remain uncovered and contact with the surroundings is ensured.

11. The organizer will provide refreshment points available for competitors at the start/finish area. Competitors may provide their own drinks, nutrition, gels, etc. on the refreshment point.

12. In the nutrition zone the marching technique of the competitors is not judged by the judges.

13. During the competition, each competitor is required to have a starting number placed on his/her outer clothing in a manner visible to the judges. The number worn by the competitor must match the number assigned on the start list.

14. A competitor without a starting number and chip is not allowed to take part in the competition.

XIII. Time measurement – category 50 miles (80. 467 km), 100 km and 100 miles (160. 934 km).

The timing will be completely automatic using a system with transponders. The time is recorded after completing each lap and passing the measuring point located at the start/finish of the lap.
With a designed route length of 2442m, competitors must complete respectively to be classified on a given distance:
a. 33 laps for 50 miles (80. 467 km),
b. 41 laps for 100 km,
c. 66 laps for 100 miles (160. 934 km).

XIV. Measurement of distance category 12 and 24 hours.

Distance measurement will be done automatically using a system with transponders. The time is recorded after completing each lap and passing the measuring point located at the start/finish of the lap.
Additionally, competitors who are still on the route when 12 hours and respectively 24 hours have passed from the start will have their distance measured from the start/finish line (or the nearest official distance markers on the route) to the stopping point at 11 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds or 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds respectively.
The final results recorded on the automatic measurement (start/finish line) will be increased by those measured by the judges and the organizer, and resulting from the competitor’s stopping point.

XV. Types of results.

1. There are two types of results: preliminary results and official results.
a) Preliminary results – are the first results of the competition prepared by the organizer after reaching the finish line by the last competitor and deliberation of judges. Preliminary results are always subject to protest and will be announced and posted in the finish area and the race office as soon as possible after the last competitor reaches the finish line. The time at which the preliminary results are posted must be recorded in the appropriate result list.
b) Official Results – The official results of the competition are irrevocable. They shall be announced immediately after the expiry of the objection deadline or after the jury’s decision on the objection.

XVI Safety and medical care.

1. The organizer provides a medical aid point situated at the starting and finishing line of the competition.
2. The competitor must immediately withdraw from the competition if he/she has been instructed to do so by a member of the medical team designated by the competition organizer.
3. During the competition only competitors participating in a given category are allowed on the marked route.
4. During the competition at the competitors’ service point, apart from the organizers and referees not being at that time on the route, can be only competitors and their officially notified support.
5. The judges will supervise the correct technique of the competitors and in case of any irregularities in the Nordic Walking technique rules, they will give warnings up – including disqualification.

XVII. Time limits.

The start and end time of the competition in a given category shall be specified by the Organiser in the publicly available schedule. The competitor decides about breaks in the march, however he/she has to meet the time limit set by the organizer.

Time limits for distance categories:
– 50 miles (80. 467km) – 23 hours,
– 100 km – 24 hours,
– 100 miles (160. 934km) – 30 hours.
For the 12 and 24 hour time trials the minimum distance that makes the march count is one loop and passing the start/ finish point where the automatic time measuring point will be located.

XVIII. Route and time measurement.

All competitors follow the same marked and marked route on a loop of 2442 meters long and in the direction indicated by the organizer.
The entire route runs on dirt and forest roads.
Detailed map of the route:

Picture 1 The Ultra route

Additionally, the map will be available on the event website ( and before the march in the race office.

1. Changing the direction, shortening the route or marching outside the marked paths will result in disqualification of the competitor.
2. The entire route will be marked with reflective elements and information boards spaced every 250 m, indicating the distance.
3. The competition will take place on forest roads but with unrestricted traffic. Each competitor is obliged to be cautious and follow the traffic rules, especially on the one-kilometer-long section between the start/ finish line and the descent to the forest path.
4. After each loop, the participant may stop in the designated participant area and spend any amount of time there before starting the next lap.
5. After each loop a competitor may report to the Chief Judge a wish to temporarily exclude himself from the competition and leave the competition. It will be possible only after handing in the measurement chip in a designated and separate place for this purpose. You will be able to return to the competition only after downloading the chip again

XIX Registration and entry fee.

Applications for participation in the “ULTRA NORDIC WALKING WORLD RECORDS” competition are accepted until 23. 04. 2022 via the application form posted on the website of the company handling the registration –
or directly at the competition office on the day before and on the day of the start.
The starting fee is respectively:

Category Distance/TimeI Deadline to 30/11/2021II Deadline to 14/02/2022III Deadline to 22/04/2022
100 miles220 PLN250 PLN280 PLN
100 km200 PLN220 PLN250 PLN
50 miles190 PLN210 PLN230 PLN
12 h180 PLN200 PLN220 PLN
24 h210 PLN230 PLN260 PLN

It is allowed to register the day before and on the day of the start in the competition office – provided that the start lists are not full. The cost of registration and entry fee regardless of the category is 350 PLN.

Account for making payments:

Bank: BNP Paribas
Account number: 92 1600 1462 1857 6833 5000 0003
Payment title: (distance/time) + first and last name (e. g. 100 miles Jan Kowalski, 12h Anna Nowak)

For contributions from abroad:
IBAN: PL92 1600 1462 1857 6833 5000 0003

1. In case of payment for several (three or more) participants, please send the list of paid participants by e-mail to: ultra@wytrwam. pl.
2. In the event that the competition is cancelled by the organizer for its own reason, 100% of the entry fee will be returned.
3. In case the competition is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer (order of the legislator, pandemic, natural disaster, etc. ) the organizer returns 70% of the entry fee.
4. In case of resignation of a participant registered till 10. 04. 2022, the organizer returns 70% of the entry fee.
5. After the deadline of 10. 04. 2022, the organizer will not refund the entry fees.
6. The organizer allows transferring the entry fee and the place on the start list to another person – until 10. 04. 2022 at the latest, after paying an administration fee of PLN 20.
7. Invoices for participation in the run are issued by the 15th of the following month from the date of payment – after this date it is not possible to issue an invoice.
8. The organizer forbids resale of the participation package to other persons.
9. The organizer does not refund the participation fee to persons who did not finish the competition or did not take part in it.
10. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of the bank transfer due to the fault of the post office or bank.
11. The date of payment shall be the date of crediting the Organiser’s account.
12. An application is considered to be a correctly completed form received in the Competition Office, signing the statement of health and paying the participation fee.
13. Starting numbers will be issued upon presentation of an identity document (ID card or passport) along with the proof of payment for the participation fee (non-verified competitors should have the proof of payment).
14. Participants who wish to receive a VAT invoice for their participation in the race are obliged to apply for it while signing up at b4sport. pl. Pursuant to Art. 106i section 1 of the VAT Act, an invoice to the employer shall be issued no later than on the 15th day of the month following the month in which the service was rendered.

XX. Changing rooms and depository and accommodation.

1. There is a possibility of using a deposit upon presenting the start number.
2. The organizer is not responsible for the things deposited by the competitor.
3. The deposit can be collected only with the starting number. In case a competitor loses his starting number, the organizer is released from responsibility for giving the deposit to another person.
4. The organizer is not responsible for any items left unattended.
5. Before and after the competition, competitors will be able to use the changing rooms.
6. At the competitors’ service point (room 200 m² or any other place indicated by the organizer) it will be possible to spread out your own mattress, sleeping bag and regenerate during the competition (free option).
7. The organizer, against additional payment, provides a limited number of hostel and hotel standard places in multi-bed rooms. The option to choose accommodation will be available at the time of registration.

XXI. Competitors’ service areas.

1. The organizer provides two places of service for competitors:
1) Situated close to the start/finish point
2) Situated in a hall (200m²) adjacent to the Manor House with a place.

Picture 2 Plan of UNWWR competitions

XXII. Starting benefits.

Each registered competitor will receive the following entry benefits as part of their entry fee:
– starting number,
– wristband for the competitor and officially declared support,
– medical security during the competition,
– a commemorative gadget,
– professional time measurement,
– route marking,
– NNW insurance for the duration of the competition,
– light meals, sweets, fruit, gels, water, isotonic drinks, cola drinks served at the competitors’ service point,
– a hot meal during the first day of competition,
– warm meal after the competition,
– cups and prizes for the winners,
– deposit in the Competition Base,
– the possibility of free accommodation on your own in the hall (figure 2: location plan of the UNWWR competition venue)
– deposit sack,
– technical support,
– fatigue and contentment,
– participation in the prize draw (for those who finish within the limit),
– additional benefits according to the generosity of sponsors (information will be published on the run website).

XXIII. Classifications.

Classification will be conducted in the categories UNWWR 12h and 24h and UNWWR 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles: open women and open men.

1 place: cup + material prize
2nd place: cup + material prize
3rd place: cup + material prize

Prizes are subject to change depending on the generosity of partners.

XXIV. Statement.
1. The participant declares that, to the best of his/her knowledge, during the 14 days preceding the submission of the statement:
– is not infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus;
– has not been in quarantine or under epidemiological surveillance;
– no signs of infection, fever, cough or temp. over 38 degrees. C,
2. If within 14 days of participation in UNWWR the participant develops symptoms of COVID19 infection, he/she undertakes to immediately inform the relevant local sanitary and epidemiological services, as well as the UNWWR organizer at the following e-mail address: ultra@wytrwam. pl and take the necessary steps as indicated by GIS.

XXV. Final provisions.

1. Failure to observe the Competition Regulations may result in disqualification of the competitor.
2. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Competition Regulations. Information on changes to the Competition Rules will appear on the Competition website, announced in a separate announcement.
3. The event will only take place if it is attended by 50 people registered and paid for at least 60 days before the start.
4. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for the cancellation of the competition due to force majeure, i. e. laws, decrees and other legal acts prohibiting the organization of sporting events, which will occur during the preparation of the event.
5. The final interpretation of these Regulations belongs exclusively to the Organizers of the Competition.
6. All competitors on the route are bound by fair-play rules and it is absolutely forbidden to interfere with the route marking and destroy the nature.
7. All competitors shall pay attention to injuries of other participants and are obliged to provide help to those in need and notify the organizer’s representative of such fact.
8. The organizer reserves the right to change the route, shorten or cancel the competition in the event of bad weather conditions or other external factors which may pose a threat to the safety of the participants without the right to return the entry fee.
9. During the march, the competitors are obliged to observe the regulations concerning nature protection and fire safety.
10. It is forbidden to litter and throw away gel and bar wrappers in places not designated for this purpose. Competitors not complying with this provision will be disqualified.
11. It is forbidden to leave the marked route, make noise during the competition, especially disturbing the silence and disturbing the animals.
12. During the competition the participants are obliged to follow only the designated route of the march.
13. Participants of the competition allow for the publication of their image in materials related to the competition, in particular in reports from the competition and promotional materials of the competition.
14. Participants of the competition agree to the processing of personal data to the extent necessary for the proper conduct of the competition.
15. The only binding and final interpretation of these rules is that of the organizer of the ULTRA NORDIC WALKING WORLD RECORDS competition.
16. Any changes to the Rules and Regulations will be published on the competition website: www. ultra. wytrwam. pl. Participants are required to familiarize themselves with the changes.

XXVI. Contact.

Event Director: Jan Ciesielski, tel. 697 620 829
Competition Manager: Sławomir Bogacki, tel. 605 211 231



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