Nordic Walking World Records


Your personal record is the most important thing for us!

Ultra Nordic Walking World Records is the rivarly on a closed route with a loop length to 2.5 km.
Competitors compete at their declared distances of 50 miles, 100 kilometers and 100 miles or
their declared times of 12 hours and 24 hours. Loop is short, competitors walk the route on their
own. Support is only allowed in a designated zone, when each competitor could deposit
products and where food and drinks are available. On the route, trained and certified NW judges
will check your Nordic Walking technique. Your march time woul be recorded and the results
would be measured with surtaxion in time distances at 12 and 24 hours.

On selected distances we will attempt to break existing records*:
100 km

Women– 13h 49m 40s (Toruń, Poland – 23.04.2022) 

Men – 11h 52m 21s (Toruń, Poland – 23.04.2022)

50 Miles (80,47 km) Women – 9h 49m (Langenzersdorf, Austria – 27/09/2014) Men – 9h 55m 41s (Langenzersdorf, Austria – 29/04/2017)
100 Miles (160,9344 km) 

Woman – 24h 58m 53s (Toruń, Poland – 23/24.04.2022)

Man – 25h 06m 19s (Toruń, Polska – 23/24.04.2022)

12 hours Women – 98,280 km (Langenzersdorf, Austria – 27/09/2014) Men – 97,344 km (Langenzersdorf, Austria – 29/04/2017)
24 hours Women – 169,44 km (Gliwice, Poland – 04/05.12.2021) Men – 175 km (Unzmarkt, Austria – 14/15.08.2010)
Source: Ultra-Endurance Nordic Walking
The main goal of Ultra Nordic Walking World Records is to provide all competitors with the best
possible conditions for tackling the distance of their choice.


Ultra Nordic Walking World Records 2022 Thorn 23-24 April 2022

is an international sports event with an original formula. The event consists of three modules, taking place simultaneously and complementing each other. These are: a sports competition over five distances, an open Nordic walking march for all interested and an ecological picnic.

The central place of the event is the area of the Szkola Lesna Barbarka in Toruń. The routes for the participants of the competition and the rally were marked out in the surrounding forest areas belonging to the Nadlesnictwo of Torun and the neighbouring communes. The location of the event was chosen for its suitable infrastructure and undoubted natural advantages.

The event is prepared and conducted by the Association of Physical Culture Wytrwam. We promote a healthy lifestyle by popularizing recreational and sporting activities outdoors.

We prepare this event taking care of high standard, professionalism and ecological approach in all possible aspects.


You don’t have to walk 50 miles, 100 km, 100 miles or 24 hours!

Just one lap of 2700m is enough to feel the magic of this competition.

An all-access 12-hour Nordic walking rally, taking place during Ultra Nordic Walking World Records 2022. The rally route runs on a loop of 2. 7 kilometers. You can enter the route at any time, exit and return later in the event, or complete the route continuously at a time of your choosing. During the rally, the number of laps completed by each participant is recorded. There will be an award for the longest distance covered – individually and as a team.

Registered participants can take part in the rally. The free registration process is done through the sign-up platform, and there is also the option to sign up at the event venue. The rally aims to promote Nordic walking, therefore we encourage also people with no experience in walking with
nordic walking poles to take part in it. These participants will be trained by instructors – it is also possible to borrow poles in the rally office. All participants of the rally are taken care of by volunteers on the route. The loop is properly marked and secured.

The start and finish line of the rally will be located near the start/finish line of the competition so that everyone, regardless of whether they fight their own weaknesses and records within the competition or march in the rally, will feel like participants of one unique event – Ultra Nordic Walking World Records Toruń 2022.

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